Sabbath = Rest

Today has been a blessing, my little girl is alive, and we’ve had mostly an uneventful day. It’s been delightfully boring! Her O2 has been mostly steady, blood “gas” (pH, CO2, etc.) has been a little up, little down, but all-in-all, our hearts and emotions have been at ease. I’ve been getting overwhelmed with one painful minute after another for my baby– especially when I see her grimacing in pain, and can’t cry. So today, thank you God for hearing our prayers.

There is going to be a meeting with all the surgeons and cardiac specialists Wednesday to formulate a plan for the operation…a necessary evil that scares the begeezers out of me.

Little disclaimer, the specific numbers that we see and tell about are a focal point of a vastly bigger piture of Jane’s health. So, I try not to pay too much attention to little details.

Dr. Kukreja asked me tonight if I was doing my job by talking with Jane, and if I was praying with her, and of-course I told him yes. These brilliant doctors really believe that we are a big part of keeping our baby alive…

So much that she opened her eyes for the first time yesterday for mom, then off to you later for me when I was talking to her. this is really just killing me, I love her so much.

Someone gave me this when I was esparate for comfort, he was once in my shoes, “I sought the Lord’s help and he answered me; he set me free from all my terrors. Look towards him and shine with joy.” -Psalm 34: 4-5,15

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