Day Two

Well, another day has come and Jane is still in the nicu. At this point, she is not as stable as the docs would like to see, but they are doing ALL that they can. The overall goal is to stabilize her for several days before she has heart surgery, but that may change if they cant get her stable enough (I’ll leave those decisions up to the experts). The neonatologist, Dr. Kukreja, told us that they are doing all that they can and that me and Daniel need to make sure we do our part: talk to her, be by her, and pray with her. He told us that prayer is the BEST MEDICINE. The staff here at St. Joseph’s and CHOC are out of this world!!!

For those of you wanting to come and visit, you are more than welcome. Visiting hours for Jane are between 7:30am & 7pm. My visiting hours are between 8am & 8pm. If you come to my room first and I am not here I am most likely at CHOC. Either Daniel or I have to be with you to see the baby. Please know that if you come to visit we are very grateful, but will be limiting the amount of time to see Jane. She needs as much rest as she can get and the nurses highly suggest that she be untouched.

Please continue to pray for her health and well-being and for me and Daniel, as well. This is so much harder than I ever imagined.