possible blood / platlette donor

Looking for:

Must be CMV- ( title=”Cytomelogavirus” target=”_blank”>)

Monday thru Fridny,
located at 505 S. Main St, Orange, CA
Phone: (714)532-8339
When you donate you will be able to find out your blood type and whether or not you are CMV Positive. Please make sure you tell the center this is a “directed donation for Jane Siapin.” Thank you for your continuous love and support.

It was so priceless, she was trying to open her eyes when I was up close talking to her today, but she just couldn’t quite muster up the strength. She definately remembers my voice from chatting with her when she was still in mama.

Thanks for the prayers and visits. I understand the meanining of grace is receiving something undeserved. God is the ultimate example of grace, in giving us eternal life despite us not deserving it. The graciousness you all have showed us is Godly. We don’t deserve it (especially a goofball like me), but are so extremely thankful for all of you and your love and support.

It’s 3am, and Jane’s dreaming of her papa right now. Now he’s about to go dreaming about his little girl.

Day 3

Today is a new day! Jane is still very unstable. Her oxygen saturation is all over the place and her blood flow to the lungs is lacking. The doctors are continuing to run tests to try and get a “big” picture of what is going on with her, in addition to her heart defect. On a very good note her urine output finally increased; she actually has too much urine now. This is a good sign that her kidneys are functioning properly so we checked that off the list!

The doctors have decided to move Jane to a new unit, the cardiovascular intensive care unit (cvicu). The nicu is overloaded with babies so they need to do some adjustments. This is actually a good thing because Jane will have her own private room. We all feel this will be beneficial because she is so sensitive to all the stimuli: touch, noise, etc. She may look like a spitting image of her Papa, but no doubt she inherited my feistiness! She doesn’t like to be touched or bothered….that’s one of the reasons her O2 sats keep jumping all over. I am hoping this move to a private room is beneficial for her.

Just a reminder, visitors are welcome but please remember to remain quiet at her bedside, not to touch her, and to wash your hands before coming near.

Blessings to you all as you pour out your love and support to me and Daniel.

Blood/Platelet Donor Information

There is a very high chance that Jane will need some sort of blood transfusion- blood, platelets, or both.

Jane’s blood type it B+.

If you would like to donate please call the CHOC Blood Bank. They will answer any questions about whether you are a suitable match for her or need any other special requirements. Make sure that you let them know you are inquiring about Jane Siapin.

CHOC Blood Bank, 505 South Main Street, Orange CA                Hours: monday-friday.  Phone: 714.532.8339 **specify for Jane siapin when donating

Thank you!