Our Unfailing God

Well….if I can be so honest to say that these last few days I have been dwindling down and feeling so broken, so weak. It definitely didnt help when the staff began to wean Jane off of one her meds and it failed because she was not ready for it. I was sooooo hoping that all of these steps would continue to lead in a positive direction. So, as I walked through the NICU doors this morning with my head hung low I ran into our social worker, Dana. She stopped me to ask how I was doing…she noticed the look I had on my face and said, “I will be in your room shortly.” After a nice chat with her and taking a few moments to breathe, I soon realized that God has not let me down and is not about to. TODAY he sent me Dana to listen to me and allow me to freely express my concerns.  I also saw today that many of your prayers have been for renewed strength and peace. God couldnt have timed it more perfectly!

As for Jane, she is just hanging out. The first weaning wasnt successful, but the respiratory therapist said that is ok. They will try again. The cardiologist reminded me that every baby is different; for some it only takes one time and for others it takes 3 weeks to reduce pulmonary pressure (which is what the weaning process is all about). He also told us that they are still waiting to hear back from Stanford about their opionion. Apparently, Stanford has a little more experience working with smaller babies that have Ebsteins. Either way, we are in good hands.