Baby Steps

Today Jane is taking tiny baby steps in a positive direction and we are so grateful! It’s funny how God knows exactly what we can and cannot handle (and he knew we couldnt handle another bad day). The docs continue to focus on getting rid of her fluid volume in hopes that her heart will work more efficiently and then they can start to slowly wean her from her ventilator….little by little, day by day.

The BIG NEWS of today is that Jane gets to have her first few drops of colostrum- aka LIQUID GOLD! She only gets a few drops because she hasnt had to use her gut at all since being born so they start very small to make sure she is able to process and digest it. (You may all be thinking…why on earth am I sharing that she gets her first drops of food?? Well, its because this is major; she is 17 days old and finally gets some goodness!)

***For Michael and Jen- we wish you many, many blessings today as you come before the Lord and dedicate Anna to the One and Only, our Savior. May your day be filled with joy!