Morning Rounds

Todays rounds with the medical team was short and sweet. They want to keep Jane nice and comfortable and not make very many changes with her. There is talk of placing her in an incubator because she has some issues regulating her temperature because she is so small. When she is too hot or too cold her homeostasis is thrown off, which sends her blood pressure and heart rate on a roller coaster. I’m reminded of all our body systems, how they work together perfectly, and how I go about my day not even having to think about it…but sweet Jane is much too fragile right now and still needs some help regulating all of the fine details. Her liver has not shown much improvement so they are starting her back on a cardiac med to help with circulation and prevent any more backup to her liver. The doc said it will be interesting to see what her liver ultrasound looks like tomorrow. Personally, I wouldnt call it “interesting”….but thats just me. I was curious why they placed another PICC line yesterday since she isnt on enough meds to need two lines. The doc told me they want to remove another line that is near her heart and once they do that (hopefully tomorrow) then she can be in our arms. If thats the case, I thought, put as many PICC lines as you want!!! In the next day or so hopefully her Papa can hold her and squeeze her, too. :)

Jane’s in Jail

Not quite, but it feels like it, cuz she’s in an incubator. So now I can’t kiss her and smell her (she smells like heaven).

Also, she hasn’t peed since this morning, so more problems with that.

This is NOT fun.

Falling Backwards

Jane did not have one of her best days….

1. She was put into an incubator to avoid ALL stimuli and workload on the body, they want   her completely relaxed

2. She is back on the paralytic drug so no more opening of the eyes or moving around (She wont be able to show us anymore if she is in pain because she wont be able to move…or squeeze our hand or stick out her tongue or yawn…)

3. She is back on her cardiac meds

4. Her lactate levels -a number they look at when doing a blood gas- are high (that is a bad thing).

5. She is swollen all over again, her poor little eye looks like she has a huge, swollen black eye

6. Her foley catheter was put back in her (and it took 3 times for them to do it successfully. She kept squeezing my finger when they would poke at her and couldnt get it in)

***Something is not right and the docs dont even know what it is. They started her on a new med to make her pee and thankfully that has started to work this evening. She hadnt peed all day and then about 6:30pm she started making urine. Hopefully, that helps out all of this mess…WHAT A DAY!