New Numbers Update

My webmaster gave me Jane’s website traffic statistics for February up to today. They are as follows:

Unique (new) visitors: 1355
Number of visitors (total computers that accessed Jane’s blog): 4963
Pages (I don’t know what this means): 17822
Hits (amount of times brought up by everyone): 44365

I’m so completely astonished at this; concern and support for our little 4 lb angel is mind-boggling. So many people have supported us way more than we deserve. Thanks so much, really from the bottom of my heart. We are a blessed and fortunate family.

Interestingly, Jane’s update has been checked on 555 times from Japan, I don’t know anyone from there!?

And out of 44365 visits, not a single one is from my little dork brother or Elisabeth’s goofy brother. Go figure.

Now some news for Jane:
There are several proteins and chemicals that the doctors measure in Jane’s liver, most which have been improving. There was one that’s been giving us a lot of worry. And til today, that prtein, which is usually pooped or peed out, has been elevating. Bad. Overnight tests show that protein hasn’t increased, but just stayed the same from yesterday. So hopefully we can see those numbers plateau and decrease, indicating improvements in her little liver.

Jane’s kidneys are damaged from the back-up of fluids last week after heart surgery, but haveen recuperating ince, and for the most part are working okay, for now. She’s been on diuretics to help her kidneys to make pee, and the doctors have stopped that for right now because she’s been able to pee enough without that support. They’ll start back up if needed.

Jane’s getting some delicious breast-milk right now. Its only 15% of what she actually needs, but they don’t want to give her gut too much work, cuz that takes lots of blood to digest food, and she just isn’t ready for that, yet. They’re giving her teeny increases, and will hopefully be at 100% breastmilk nutrition in a week or so. In the meantime, they’re supplimenting her nutrition with an intraveneous liquid food as she’s able to take it on.

Her heart is recovering from surgery still, but it is getting better. The doctors have been talking about doing a corrective surgery in her shunt, but that’s still in debate. Hopefully nothing is necessary until her next surgery in a few months.

Today Jane was awake for 20 minutes here and there, doing some silent crying (cuz the tubes are going thru her vocal cords). It totally breaks our heart to see that. On top of that, Jane was gagging for a while cuz our careless nurse tugged on Jane’s mouth tube without paying attention. I wanted to shout at her–needless to say she isn’t going to be assigned to Jane anymore.