Happy Valentine’s Day :(

When we arrived to Jane’s room at the hospital this morning, we came in to Jane’s room full of somber faces. I was looking for a smile, but we soon found out why there weren’t going to be any, and all of our high spirits disappeared real fast.

Jane’s liver has been of big concern over the last week, with a couple days of hope in the middle showing improvement in overnight liver measurements, and possibly liver correction. The doctors have determined those slight improvements are insignificant in the overall outlook. I’ll describe it simply: there is a protein in our bodies that goes through the liver then gets pooped out. Jane’s liver is blocking that protein, and it’s becoming dangerous. The doctors have been leaning towards her liver problem being congenital (developed before birth) the last day or so, and considering a liver biopsy to figure out what the heck’s going on, cuz she’s showing progression of liver failure. Today, they decided that the problem IS congenital, and she DOES need a biopsy. They’re getting it ready today, and biopsy is coming tomorrow.

A biopsy means they open her up and cut out a tiny piece of liver, no big deal, cuz livers have the ability to regenerate tissue. BUT Jane doesn’t make things simple; a result of her liver problem is her blood isn’t able to clot very well, so there’s a HUGE risk of her bleeding out–alot. During the operation, they will of-course have blood transfusions ready. I asked the doctors to quantify the possible amount bleeding. He said, “a life threatening amount”, which is why there weren’t any smiles today.

To add to her high risk of heart failure, add liver failure, and that means God’s little lamb is FAR from healthy.

On Our Knees

I know EVERYONE has been in continuous prayer for us and Jane but I would like to ask all of you to join us in a very specific prayer for Janes liver biopsy tomorrow. She is a very high risk patient because 1) she is so small 2) her liver is not producing clotting factors that she needs to recover from bleeding 3) she can’t be overloaded with blood and platelets to help with bleeding and clotting because of the shunt in her heart.

Please pray for minimal bleeding during the biopsy, that the drs find the perfect balance of giving blood products, if needed, without risking clotting in her shunt and that her vitals stay perfectly stable so that the anesthesiologists can keep her comfortable. Oddly enough I feel like this procedure is much more life threatening than her heart surgery and it certainly can have drastic effects. At this point, I’m not sure there are many other options than to find a way correct her liver…

Please join us on your knees