A Good Morning

Like Elisabeth said, Jane’s elevated protein in her liver went down 5, from 47 to 42. The highest anyone here has seen (other than the old liver specialist dude) is 36. They want her to be at 5.

Also, once again, they said we get to hold Jane today, which I feel is gonna finally come true. She’s still gonna be plugged into the machines, so I’ll just have to park it close to her bed. Fine with me.

When Elisabeth held her, it was for about 20 minutes before Jane started destabilizing. We’ll see how strong she is this time.

Btw I’m so excited for this. this will really give me some good cheer and encouragement that I’ve been lacking.

Sweep Jane

I swept Jane up into my arms, cradling and staring at her for an hour-and-a-half. It was bliss. I would have held her longer, but Elisabeth was getting anxious to hold her. All of her vital signs were perfect the entire time.

After a month of crying and praying over her, giving her my finger to grasp with her hand, I finally got to hold her.

There are so many things connected to Jane to monitor her or dose her, all to keep her alive. Now let’s start getting these things off so that we can twirl her around.