Jane’s Good

Jane hasn’t changed much from yesterday, she’s looking about the same. I can get into details, but tomorrow wil be a little more enlightening.

This place is just so scary. Some things that we see here are just so heart-breaking to see. I hate to see broken parents with the worst fear you can imagine, as they watch the staff work frantically to save babies’s lives. These doctors and nurses need guidance from God, and these babies just need mountains of prayers.

Our church is on a 3-day fast, and it hurts that we can’t be there, cuz I was so excited to come together with everyone under God humbly to pray. Just pray. There are specific things to ask of Him naturally. But to 1) thank Him, and 2) be all in one mind and then 3) petition to God is so amazing.

Yes, there are miracles that happen here. But also there are babies that don’t make it, and mothers that are in dire need of supernatural comfort. Let’s not forget them.