One month & one day

Jane turned one month old yesterday! Happy Birthday cupcake!!!

Jane had 3 good days in a row…we are ecstatic! Our big goal right now is to fatten her up. Her liver numbers havent changed much, but we are still hoping that as she grows and/or gets healthier that they will start to trend downward. We are also working on getting Jane extubated (taking out her breathing tube). In order to do that Jane needs to exercise her lungs. It will be several more days until the tube comes out, but we are heading in a good direction.

I’m off to smother her… :)

Doctors Update

I had a nice talk with the cardiologist this evening. Here are Jane’s updates:

1. From a cardiac perspective, Jane is doing very well. As she grows and develops she will need to be monitored closely to make sure that her systems are balanced and her heart is working efficiently, but she has come such a long way.

2. Her kidney function has normalized

3.From a respiratory perspective, she is doing great. She can handle being extubated over the next few days, but she uses a lot of energy to breathe and since the goal is to fatten her up we dont want to make her work too hard since she doesnt need to.

4. From a feeds perspective, we have been able to increase her calories and over this next week we are hoping to see some great weight gain if she continues to tolerate her food.

5. Her liver is now the major issue on the table. The good news is that it hasnt gotten worse over the past 4 days. We will continue to watch the function of her liver closely and hope that her bilirubin levels drop.

Jane has certainly come a long, long way! The Dr told me today she is glad that she hardly comes into Jane’s room anymore. That is a good sign….when the docs are in your room all the time that means you arent doing great. Over the last 6 days Jane has been a rockstar! We still have a long road ahead as she grows, learns to feed, more surgeries, etc….but the progress that has been made over this month is perfect. Like the doc said, Jane has really been the fighter- they have just supported her through it.

Praise God for His grace, His mercy, His love, His healing, His miracle…..!