Miss Jane

Jane and I enjoyed some nice snuggle time this morning. It is such a new feeling to be told “YES” every time I want to hold her. 🙂

Morning rounds with the docs were pretty good. Her heart continues to look good and has moved to the back burner. The major issues on the table are her liver and the clot in her aorta. Although her liver numbers have made slight improvements it is still a huge concern for the docs. They are doing all they can with medication right now. As long as it doesnt get to a “dangerous” level then they will continue to just watch her. The ultrasound of her clot showed some abnormal blood flow. The Dr. told me he hadnt looked at the ultrasound himself, but as soon as he does he will get back to me— hoping its nothing major. The team will continue to make small changes to her ventilator until she is ready to come completely off of it. I think Jane might take the breathing tube out herself. Her new thing is to grab hold of the tube and pull. She is so cute!

For all you moms out there…dont you just love the sound of when your precious baby poops? LOL!! Jane makes the cutest poop noises; it sounds like a little, squeaky mouse 🙂 I totally have to admit that before Jane was born I wasnt sure how I was going to like the baby stages of her life. I thought it would be so boring and I wondered if she could just be born at about age 2. That has totally changed!!! I’m loving every minute of her…and who woulda thought you can just sit and stare at a baby for hours and never get bored!!

Got Milk?

Well, it turns out that Jane won’t have the privilege of her mamas milk anymore. Her body is not able to absorb the fats and sugars from the milk because of her liver dysfunction. They are thinking this is why Jane has not been gaining weight. They are putting her on a formula that will hopefully help her to absorb the fats and sugars because it is pre-digested so it should make it a little easier on Janes system. In regards to her clot they will just continue to monitor it. The cardiologist is getting opinions from several other docs. Sometimes they see rare things like this with heart babies and most often turn out to be nothing. We will wait and see…