Curve Ball

Well, as you may all have learned by now Jane likes to mix things up! She’s had a nice few days, but decided she needed more attention or something, I dunno??! Today she started a new episode of dropping her heart rate and oxygen saturation to lower numbers than normal. The docs dont know why. An ultrasound was done again to examine her aortic clot. They saw “communication” between her aorta and inferior vena cava that shouldnt be ┬áthere. The docs dont know why. The lab levels that mark kidney dysfunction have risen. The docs dont know why. She has really thick, bloody secretion when she is suctioned. The docs dont know why. What they do know is that the new formula they are trying to help her absorb fat seems to be working. Her stool sample that they sent for testing came back looking good.

Today I praised God for the last few days. I enjoyed the peace and calm while it lasted….looks like I’ll start preparing for the next storm.