Baby Steps

Jane is taking the smallest baby steps ever, but they are baby steps, and they are going forward. Things are extremely unstable, any tiny decline in her health will be catastrophic. The support she is on is not maxed out (which can be toxic) but significantly higher than some of the staff have seen in live babies.

She did pee a tiny bit today and more thIs evening, so that’s good news that her kidneys have turned back on a little bit. Also, we did see some slight movement throughout her body. That indicates neural activity (probably no brain damage).

She’s very sick and swollen and bleeding internally, so she’s nowhere close to being healthy.

But she will not die, she will live that we may proclaim the great works of the Lord.


I noticed Jane’s lungs less and less efficient over te last several hours. They had slight decreases in oxygen saturation in the blood. The doctor obliged to an x-ray, and found that Jane has a re-collapsed lung caused by extremely high ventilator pressure going into her lungs to keep her alive the last 48 hours . The air was too much for the lung, and started leaking into her chest. He decided to get that air out immediately, so he poked a hole in her chest and was able to get some of the air out. But to get it all out, he inserted a chest tube to suck it out. Not a safe procedure for a baby that can’t clot. BUT thank God her clotting ability spiked earlier tonight, and the procedure was a breeze.

Now hopefully I can finally go collapse for a couple hours before the day gets started.

God’s Little Lamb

Jane Daniel Siapin

Fought the good fight for 7 weeks.

Grew tired and is now with our Lord.

Jane Siapin, God's Little Lamb

Funeral Services                                                                                                          Viewing: Monday, March 12-beginning at 4pm.                                                                New Romanovsky Church, 14647 Broadway, Whittier CA 90604                                  Burial: Tuesday, March 13 at 1pm                                                                              “Slauson Cemetery”, 7201 E. Slauson Ave., City of Commerce 90040.