Last Post

We have returned from our journey to the Bible lands…and what an interesting trip it was! It was very different than we had expected, but what isn’t a surprise these days??!! Life has done nothing but surprise us and send us in a direction that we have never even dreamed about.

I’d like to take one more opportunity to thank all of you who have supported us and those of you who continue to hold us up. This is by far our worst nightmare and it feels like we’ve tasted a bit of hell—agony, suffering, pain. I’m sure glad we don’t have to experience this for eternity. It’s funny how life circumstances change our perspectives on life. Sometimes people think that once someone changes their mind on a topic they suddenly become hypocrites. I beg to differ…life happens and we learn and grow. Right now I cant say we’ve learned a whole lot and quite honestly I don’t care to learn anything…we miss Jane, we’re still grieving her loss, and are still thinking about her nonstop. But I’ll tell ya what- Heaven never sounded sooooo good!!! So, here we are, complete wrecks and transparent to the world taking one day at a time, even one moment at a time. We’re learning to accept the “new” me and find a “new” normal for us both. Yes, Jane will have a brother or sister one day- God willing… Yes, Jane is in a better place… Yes, Jane is no longer suffering…. I get all that. The thing about wounds, though, is that they heal, but deep cuts always leave a scar…a reminder of when we fell, a surgery we had, or the loss of our beloved child- Jane. So NOW and ALWAYS we will anticipate Christ’s return (more than we ever have before) and the day we get to reign with Him…where I no longer ache and suffer and I get to experience pure bliss like I did the 37 weeks Jane was in my womb and the 7 weeks that she lived and brought splendor to our life. ¬†And ultimately see our Jane again.

With love,

Daniel & Elisabeth