Packing Up

We’re all packed up, waiting for the stanford air ambulance. They’re en route to John wayne airport from Sacramento.
Supposedly this small baby surgeon at Stanford (Packard Children’s Hospital) is worldly recognized in this specialty surgery. Babies from around the country come here if they have this defect. We were told the success rate is 60/40.

6 comments on “Packing Up

  1. natasha on said:

    Our merciful Lord is with you every inch of the way..many many prayers for your family for strength, peace, patience, and faith be with you both.

  2. we are sending our love to you all! Have a safe journey!

  3. Tracy G. on said:

    Praying for you and your sweet Jane & that the Lord guides the surgeon’s hands. How GOOD it was of CHOC to put you in the BEST possible hands for this procedure.

    The Lord is with you, and we all continue to lift you up in prayer.

  4. nadja sokoloff on said:

    dear daniel, elisabeth and jane – what an amazing family – your daughter’s lst plane ride to save her life. let not your heart be troubled. our God is truly amazing – he hears you and knows your unstated prayers. hold fast and know you are all in his hands. for those of us who have B+ blood, if you need it let us know. stanford is only a plane ride away. our thoughts, prayers and love will be continually surrounding you. t. nadja

  5. Bonnie Nygren on said:

    My Prayers and Love are with you and your precious family as you give Jane to God and allow Him to guide the hands of the Heart Surgeon that will care for your “Little Lamb”. Bonnie

  6. E, when I read an update from Bonnie that Sweet Jane was en route to Stanford for treatment, I was reminded of my cousin’s son. His name is Aiden, and he must be about 5-7 years old now. When he was born, a heart problem was immediately diagnosed, and he was airlifted from the hospital delivery room to Stanford for surgery. I believe that he has had 2-3 surgeries as an infant and toddler. And at least one more procedure is forcasted for him as he grows. Aiden is a strong, fiesty boy. No one would guess that he had such a precarious start in life. I hope that there is encouragement for you and your family in this tidbit.
    We are praying strong, and I have forwarded all of Bonnie’s updates to a few prayer warrior friends of mine.

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