Elisabeth and I left from John Wayne Airport for Stanford at 740pm and arrived at the hospital at about 10pm after dropping off our luggage at Bill & Beth’s, a hospitable family that live about a mile from the hospital.

It was obviously hard leaving Jane; I begged for atleast the mommy to get on the medical plane, but they said they just can’t accommodate more weight — I didn’t know Elisabeth weighs that much, hmm.

We waited til about 11pm, while the new team got Jane’s equipment ready for when she arrived, to hook her up quickly.

We were told that we’d be up here approx 2-3 months, but that’s no promise; it could be longer, could be shorter. Nonetheless, we’re looking today and tomorrow for a place to stay long-term.

Tuesday is the scheduled first surgery. The team is going over the xrays and echos to formulate a gameplan.

I thought about it, and I have 4 goals while up here in Stanford:
1) Jane’s health to improve
2) Elisabeth to have comfortable home
3) work for me
4) Phil’z coffee (best I’ve ever had)

About an hour ago, a complete stranger brought me mexican food and $200. She’s a friend of a friend of a friend. I can’t believe the graciousness we’re receiving. This is just an example of the helpful/heartful people trying to lighten our load. Super-sized thank you.

6 comments on “Stanford

  1. Nadia Prohoroff on said:

    I am thankful to hear that your baby made the trip to Stanford safely. Over the years, we were blessed to have some of the best surgeons and physicians in the US and the world take care of our daughter (one from Stanford ). Medical personnel who work in pediatrics are so special and caring. I pray that the Lord guides the hands of Jane’s surgeon and gives him wisdom, and that He continues to give you courage and strength.

  2. Manya K. on said:

    I’m glad you all made it up there OK, I glad you found a place to stay and you have goals and plans set up and that you had a special visit from a stranger. See the Lord is watching over you and sending people, blessings, to help you out. When someone is in need the helpers are put into place to be there for you.

    • mama k on said:

      Wow Daniel! this friend of a friend really knows u! they brought u Mexican food, one of ur favs! What a Blessing the gift of money, God is there taking care of you! Your Blessing is like a rainbow, stretching from one place to another! Pop & I are driving up this afternoon to Stanford, we’ll keep in touch. Love you, Elisabeth & Jane. Our prayers were heard, all of you got there safe.

  3. Mike O on said:

    Can you guys post an address for anyone wanting to send packages?

    Also what an example for us, these people helping you we don’t even know. I am truly touched by there outreach for my friends. May God bless you guys up in Stanford, and all those who God sends accross your path, those who are answering the call of the Lord to help bless any in need.

  4. We will be praying for your trip and for all these needs to be met!

  5. Brenda Donahue on said:

    Praying for Baby Jane and you and your wife. She is a lucky little girl to have such loving/devoted parents! My thoughts and prayers will be with you ALL tomorrow. Has anyone from your church or family thought of starting a “Get Well Baby Jane Fund ” to help with the some of the expenses? Please let us know.

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