3 comments on “surgery tomorrow, aaaaah

  1. Melissa Lediaev on said:

    Hey Elizabeth and Daniel – Paul and I are continuously praying for you guys and that precious baby girl of yours. We are indeed gonna say a prayer tonight before we go to bed that the Lords hands be upon the surgeons hands, and that the angels are completely watching over her. Her surgery will start at 1:30 am here in Australia.

    Elizabeth, I’m so thrilled you got to finally hold her in your arms. That is the best feeling in the world when you first hold your newborn.

    We love you guys and just know that our prayers are constantly with you!

  2. Tanya Pavloff on said:

    DaNiel and Elizabeth…tell Jane’s doctors that there are alot of people praying that God’s hand is upon them as they perform Jane’s surgery. We join in prayer with them and you.

  3. A Praying Family on said:

    Daniel…. Elisabeth…… Arise, Walk and hold on tight, The Omnipotent, Alpha and Omega, Creator, Redeemer and Refuge IS with you. For the power and glory is His forever and ever.
    O Lord God Jehova…. Hear our plea, send a legion of Angels to fill the operating room to guide the surgeons hands, we ask also to charge the room with Your Holy Spirit, surround all involved ….. for You are the Healer and all things are possible in You.
    Matt11:28 Come to Me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Lord we rise our heads and hands and bow are hearts for You are the ultimate…

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