Still praising God that we didnt go through with that liver biopsy…

Jane is continuing to make headway. Her RA (right atrium) line was removed successfully. She didnt have any bleeding and they will double check that with an echocardiogram while they take a look at the condition of her heart. They also removed a line that was draining fluid from her abdomen. The doctors are working to get Jane off of TPN (the pre-digested, pharmacy made nutrition) and completely on breast milk today. Tomorrow they will begin to transition her off one of her cardiac medications that is given by IV and start her on a medication that is given by mouth (something she could potentially go home on or transfer back to CHOC on). The doctor said that if those 2 moves go smoothly then they will begin to wean her off her ventilator with the possibility of extubating (removing the breathing tube) her by this weekend. All of that sounds fabulous….however, our dear little Jane doesnt seem to cooperate like we want her to so I always expect their talk of “a few days” to be more like “several days”. BUT- I have not given up on her and am NOT about to. For all I know she will throw us another curve ball and surprise us all!! 🙂

HIGHLIGHTS: We do get to hold her today as soon as they know she is stable from the line removal. I’ve decided to let Daniel hold her first since I held her already, but I am so tempted to pull the “mom” card and snatch her up before him. I wont, I wont–that would be so unfair. I will just sit there waiting impatiently and anxiously for my turn!! 🙂

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  1. Elenna Poppin on said:

    Prayed for the three of you today with my boss over lunch – may our Lord bless you with a tangible sense of His presence today. I’m so excited for you, for the possibility of cradling Jane in your arms, so she can feel even more how very much she is loved! xoxo E

  2. Ts. Janice on said:

    Happy almost 1 month birthday Jane! Oh the progress you are making really helps your Mommy and Daddy continue strong in their faith. Not to mention all of their hopes and dreams for you! We love you all and can’t wait to come hold you ourselves:)

  3. Oh my goodness. What a day. I can’t believe they’ve taken so many lines out. She’s got to be as excited as you guys to be in her papa and mamas arms. Big smiles!!!!!

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