Jane had a huge event over the last couple days: she’s been boring. So mama and papa have had the best day yesterday in a month. The doctor told us in rounds today that it’s an event when Jane’s uneventful. This is our little sigh of relief. Not to say that everything is a breeze now, she’s in the ICU cuz she needs to be. BUT she’s alive, somewhat stable, and so ADORABLE! The nurse agreed with us that even her x-rays are cute, with her tiny little bones, stubby little shoulders, and no neck!

Jane from a clinical standpoint can be very misleading. She’s stable right now, but we were told the other day that she’s still at high-risk for another cardiac arrest and many other complications, and she will be at risk for quite some time. Right now, though, she’s a trooper.

Her liver and kidneys are both question marks, with the former a big concern. They have been improving this week, after thought that they may have been severely damaged from lack of blood on Saturday. Post-code, her numbers have improved–until TPN. TPN is her main food source this week, fed intravenous to bypass her gut. This food actually progresses her liver damage. Not a good thing, but Jane still needs to get fed somehow. Her gut suffered the most damage from Saturday’s event; blood naturally knows which organs are most important. For example, her brain is more important than her intestines. So doctors were worried she can’t digest food. A couple days ago, they introduced a tiny amount of predigested formula to see if she can take it, with hopes she can eventually get off TPN completely. That went okay, Jane’s digesting the food, and they’ve been slightly increasing her formula feeds. Tomorrow the doctors think they can take Jane off TPN completely. Next step is to get her fat, and slowly introduce her to mama’s breast milk. First time around with mbm didn’t work so good; Jane wasn’t able to digest the fats and sugars.

Respiration is another concern, as her breathing tube seems like a huge risk, but she needs it until her lungs are strong enough to breathe on her own. Doctors started giving her caffeine, so that when they have to clean out her tube, she can keep her heart rate from dropping like it has been. That is working wonders, she just loves caffeine. They hope to be able to start weaning down on her respirator this week, but that’s still undetermined.

2 comments on “Update

  1. katsia on said:

    Oh my Dearest Jane, you are like a intricate little puzzle, trying to get everything in the right timing and places for your precious body to heal proper! I pray for God to heal your whole body, to repair each precious part, to give you health and strength and to be able to come home to ALL of the people who love you and are praying for you! Almighty God please hear our pleas and our prayers for our Dear Sweet Jane! We ask that you give Jane good health and to heal Jane!

  2. Ts. O on said:

    Is it Philz?

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