Flying High

Jane and I had a very nice flight. She slept the entire time and I stared at her vital signs until we landed. She did so well! Our ambulance ride from John Wayne went smooth, as well. As soon as we got out of the ambulance at CHOC Jane decided to drop her heart rate and blood pressure. At the same time the amount of oxygen in the tanks on her gurney were running low…. Ahhhhhhh!!!! Her flight nurse and respiratory therapist helped Jane recover and we wheeled her right up to the NICU. I guess Jane was just trying to say, I’m baaaack! She sent my heart racing….we were way to close for something crazy to happen.

She is all settled in and resting now. The staff here at CHOC was expecting us today so they called Ronnie Mac in advance and got us a room. I am overwhelmed with joy to have arrived safely!! That plane ride was nothing glamorous. Thank God for a safe arrival…and to be back home. The plan is to keep Jane comfortable for the night and then work on a plan of attack tomorrow.

3 comments on “Flying High

  1. Nadia Prohoroff on said:

    I’m so happy that Jane is back in the OC. I know that you all still have a long road ahead of you, but it must be nice to be in familiar territory. Stay strong, our prayers are always with you. Ts. Nadia

  2. Nadya U on said:

    Thank you Lord for sending your Guardian Angels! We are praying that the Lord has brought you back to the best doctors and nurses for Jane. Hope you all get some rest tonight.

  3. Tanya Pavloff on said:

    Im talking to the Lord about some of my own stuff and reading your blog has reminded me in a very direct way to trust the Lord And give it over to Him. You two must work towards that same trust daily. God is merciful and we must not forget His love for us. He loves the child he has gifted you with and hears your prayers and all of our prayers. We keep on praying and thanking and praising our Lord God Almighty. But as I read your blog I am encouraged and inspired to trust and let God.

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