Safety First

Jane is in very critical condition today. The team of docs have been in here room all morning and afternoon making sure they are keeping her comfortable and safe while they work on stabilizing her. The doc told us this morning that safety is the number one concern right now. Once she becomes stable and recovers from her code in a few days then they will begin to make further plans for her care. But, right now the focus is to treat her symptons and keep her vitals stable so that her body is able to recover. In the meantime, Jane’s TWO nurses have been working non-stop today. During rounds the Dr. kept hammering out questions for all of the team….poor girls were so nervous and stumbling over all of their answers. Even the fellow was questioning her knowledge. BUT- I’m glad they are focused and serious about taking care of my daughter.

The CHOC team has welcomed us back “home”. The docs are ready to dive into her records and fight this out with us and with Jane. We’ve gotten so many complements from all of the staff of how involved and knowledgeable we are about Jane’s history and condition. In fact, one of the docs said I gave him more information about Jane in 5 minutes than he would have received if he called the staff over at Stanford. I’m so proud to be Jane’s mom!!

13 comments on “Safety First

  1. sada nevarov on said:

    Matthew and I are continuously praying for the three of you…. Praying for healing for little Jane as she recovers from the code, she’s a strong little lady!

  2. Natalie Ledieff on said:

    Welcome back to So Cal. Praying Jane’s condition improves quickly. You are so knowledgeable. The Drs. are lucky to have such caring parents as you two.

    Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord. Psalm 27:14
    Ts. Natalie Ledieff

  3. Lubs on said:

    Jane is so proud and lucky to have you as her mama. We know where she gets that fighting spirit. You’ve been and continue to be consistent in your care and mothering for this beautiful miracle child. Whatever gods plans are for her, she is a miracle child and would not be who and where she is today without you as her mama. I’ve never met a newborn with as much character and strength as Jane!

  4. Nadia Prohoroff on said:

    Daniel and Elisabeth,
    You are doing a great job! Keep doing what you are doing. There are no greater advocates for Jane than the two of you. Keep praying and know that the Lord is giving you the wisdom to do the right thing.

  5. T. Elaine on said:

    NOTHING is more beautiful than watching a family take care of each other. We are blessed to be a part of your journey. We are praying for your family. Jane is a miracle of strength and pure love. Your family is all about pure Love and Faith in our Dear Lord.

  6. Ashleigh Patridge on said:

    I can not lie and say your very informative, witty, and love filled posts do not leave me sobbing profusely each time I check in!
    But they are and will continue to be beautiful memories of your journey with baby Jane.
    The three of you are in my thoughts and in my prayers often! Keep fighting 🙂

  7. Tanya Pavloff on said:

    Daniel and Elizabeth please know that so many are prayi.g for Jane and the both of you. There are a lot of prayers asking for strength for you two and for health to be given to Jane. Lord, Lord please let them feel your comfort and your strength. You are a merciful God. You are a loving God. Allow your omnipresence to fill them with your love. Please God, please with your power give Jane good health.

  8. Ts. Manya Kor. on said:

    Standing with you all, in constant prayer.

  9. Manya K. on said:

    You are a wonderful mom! Jane is lucky to have such wonderful parents like you. In constant prayer for you all. I’m happy your back in the OC where you can be close to home, family and friends.

  10. Manya Mich on said:

    Just letting you know that our thoughts and prayers are with your family!

  11. jennifer a on said:

    from one mother to another, Elisabeth you just touch my heart every single day, you are the strongest mama I know. So loving, so caring, your Faith in the Lord, and so devoted to your precious baby girl. You are truly and inspiration to me. So many prayers from my family to you. Both you and Daniel are such wonderful parents.

  12. Leah Berokoff on said:

    Daniel & Elizabeth…Wow, hearing what you are both going through with your daughter leaves me speechless. Our God and Lord is amazing, wonderful and perplexing all at the same time. James and I are praying for you both, that your faith is unwavering, that you have peace and that your daughter becomes strong. We love you guys and trust that you and Jane are truly in the hands of the Lord.

  13. Auntie Annette on said:

    Dear baby Jane and her wonderful parents,
    Welcome back to Southern California, although Stanford is a wonderful place – there is no place like home. My prayers and thoughts are with you every day.I hope to come and visit Jane very soon. Love, Auntie Annette

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