From Monday night to Tuesday afternoon, Jane had 5 life-threatening emergency events, 2 of which were “codes” announced over hospital intercoms. These codes were followed seconds after by trauma specialists and support staff flooding Jane’s room to revive her. Yesterday afternoon’s code was as bad as it gets, and surviving. 

With tons of indicators, tests, x-rays, symptoms, and episodes, doctors strongly believe that Jane has an infection, which is often fatal in the ICU. 

What happens now is be as gentle as possible to Jane and hope she powers thru this infection faster than it breaks her down.

She had an “episode” every 4-5 hours. It’s been 17 hours since her last one, and there’s very little that can be done if she has another one, since she’s maxed out on the medications used to help her get thru the episodes.

“If people had 1% of the will that Jane has to live, the world would be a better place.” -The world-class doctor that told us 12 hours ago that Jane wouldn’t make it thru the night. 

4 comments on “Trauma

  1. Rayliene on said:

    Always praying for you three. This blog is amazing, and you two as parents are so incredibly strong and courageous. I hope she has a good day today 🙂 Jeramiah 29:11.

  2. rebekah on said:

    Jane, your home. Power thru this my dear, your strong and can pull thru anything.

  3. We praise God today for the mercies he has bestowed upon us all thru baby Jane. She is such a work of the Lord and I am blessed to have her in my life. I can’t wait to tell her that!

  4. Elenna Poppin on said:

    My heart just breaks reading this; we prayed for you this morning during our office prayer time. Lord, please get them through this, increase her strength to live, heal her from this infection and let her thrive. Much love to you, xoxo E

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