1 Week Old

Happy bday Evon (bro-in-law)

Jane has 2 lines in her belly button, 1) food line, 2) blood pressure monitor. They become less reliable as time goes on; risk of infection increases after about one week. A PICC Line (Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter) is an alternative line to bring food to her. It is a small tube that is inserted either in the wrist or above the knee, then runs inside veins all the way to the heart. (Note: depending on what’s going thru the tube, some fluids need their own specific tube, to prevent clotting; i.e. blood transfusions, PGE medication, predigested food liquids, etc.)

They’ve been talking about putting a Picc line in for the last few days. This morning they made 3 attempts to put the Picc in, but were unsuccessful because veins in heart defect babies sometimes can be a bit difficult/different. Also, the insertion points were flat shaped veins.

On attempt #4, it finally worked. Below is a piece of the tube that was inserted.

Jane's PICC Line

Jane pretty much had a stable day, which is not a great thing, but definately not bad.

HUGE NEWS: Our doctors are going to have a pow-wow meeting with a panel of doctors, cardiologists, and surgeons tomorrow. The intent is to do some mega brainstorming. The resident and fellow doctors will present Jane and her condition to the panel, where there will be a bunch of different opinions on whether to perform surgery, wait a week, install a balloon, catheterization, try different medications, change doses of current medications, etc. The decision will ultimately be left up to the few great doctors that are responsible for her progress, who have been caring for her since day one.

I went all the way out to Whittier today, to the dentist, for a look at my toothache. I thought for sure I was going to need my wisdom teeth taken out right away (which I do eventually, so let me know if anyone has a good place). Turns out it’s a canker sore, and she told me it was caused by stress, and I can expect more to come. Wonderful. But atleast she said its not contageous.

Elisabeth & me: today was rough emotionally. It’s just hard and wearing down. Its so hard to see my innocent newborn with dozens of tubes and cables, and hooked up to machines. I did get good words from people that have been in my shoes, and that’s one of the few things that really comforts me, even when they tell me, that when I can’t handle more pain, more pain will come.

This passage was sent to me, and its exactly how I feel.

” 23 Awake, Lord! Why do you sleep? 
   Rouse yourself! Do not reject us forever. 
24 Why do you hide your face 
   and forget our misery and oppression?
 25 We are brought down to the dust; 
   our bodies cling to the ground. 
26 Rise up and help us; 
   rescue us because of your unfailing love.”

Ps 44