In God’s Hands

This morning we laid Jane in the hands of God and the surgical team. They took her to the OR about 7:45am. The procedure should last about 6 hours. We will get updates along the way. The surgeon, Dr. Retty, will be repairing 3 parts of the heart: 1) closing off the pulmonary valve, 2) placing a shunt to re-direct blood flow to the lungs, and 3) sewing up the right atrium to make it smaller to allow the lungs to develop a bit more. While he is in her chest if he sees anything else worth repairing he will do any additional work. Dr. Retty told us that this is the first of three surgeries that Jane will need. This first surgery is the most critical and high risk, BUT when she gets through it the next two will be pretty solid, according the Dr. Retty. One day at a time, though.

So, now we wait for our little girl…

by the numbers

13……………Jane’s age (days)
1012+……..visitors on Jane’s website since birth (checked Sunday, day 11)
34,000+… visits on Jane’s website since birth


Everyone, I’m so so very extremely fortunate to experience the love and support you’ve shown us. This is the most difficult time I can imagine, more pain I can imagine.

I must say for the first time since Elisabeth went in for C-Section, I’m at ease, I’ve been a huge mess. But it was like a light switch turned on yesterday evening. I can only say that God’s with us.

Jane will be out of surgery around 2-4pm.

Surgery Complete

Jane came out of surgery about 12:45pm today. The heart portion of her surgery went very well. In fact, the anesthesiologist said it was better than they expected. They ran several stress tests on her heart and all looked great! BUT, right after they closed her up they found bleeding in her right lung. They are working on stabilizing her and trying to stop the bleeding. They took a chest X-ray right after surgery and then another X-ray about an hour later and they already saw improvement. So, anyway…please continue to pray for us all. We still have a LONG road ahead, but we have gotten over a BIG hurdle.