Not out of the woods, yet.

Surgery went well yesterday as far as the heart’s concerned. Dr. Reddy (surgeon) was smiling, and if he’s happy, then they were all telling us that means the surgery went well. They also said Jane’s little heart was stronger than they expected.

However, her R lung was bleeding after surgery, and they’ve since been able to stop the bleeding after a few scary moments. But as it is now, they need to get her on blood thinners (aspirin) to prevent clotting in her new shunt, which is a big concern for them right now. If clotting occurs, there’s a new surgery in store for our little warrior.

They are watching her very closely day and night to make sure she’s stable. That means they are taking blood-gas samples hourly, watching her vitals closely (oxygen saturation, urination, blood pressure, and DOZENS more); anything they can do to be on top of an event before it happens. So she has lots of machines monitoring, and tubes connected to her everywhere.

On a good note, her lungs are working rather well, too well in fact. Machines are still breating for her, cuz she’s paralyzed (medically induced) and heavily sedated. BUT, the machines are pumping regular air without additional oxygen or NO.

They’re going to slowly reduce the paralyzing drug to see if she starts breathing a few extra breaths on her own.

God blow that air in her lungs.