She has my eyes

And she’s up and holding my finger today. Its the hardest thing leaving her while she’s awake!

Liver tests indicate probably that her liver is getting better. So they are starting her on meds for hepatic function and will take more tests on Friday. One is called something like radioactive nuclide bioliquid, to watch it move through her liver. Its probably some kind of weird glowing blob.

Also, the machine regulating her body temperature has been causing her some problems with elevated temperature and heart rate. So they took her of that machine, and just covered her with a blanket and put a beenie on her head. So far she’s maintaining her own temp after one hour off the machine one step forward.

One day at a time, right?

February 8th

Today Jane got off of her last cardiac medication and seems to be doing well (She was on cardiac meds to help with the function and efficiency of her heart). The idea that the doctors discontinued the meds means that she is progressing and her heart is healing and beginning to function on its own. Her heart rate has come down to a reasonable rate (140’s) as they have continued to pull more fluid out of her body. The doctors are happy with her decreased heart rate because that also means that her heart has more time to fill with blood and send out to the body; its all about having an efficient pumping system with her “new and improved” plumbing system. A new PICC line was placed today in her left arm and the PICC team was successful. Normally, this type of procedure is fairly easy, but with Jane it’s a challenge. She is so tiny and her veins are hard to come by, but it went well. Her foley was removed today, yeah!! Now she gets to pee and poop right into her diapers, which means more work for me. I love it! Jane is continuing her feeds, MBM they call it–Mothers Breast Milk and she is digesting it and pooping so we know her digestive system is working 🙂 Hopefully over the next few days we will see great improvements with her liver since her new medication was started today to give it a boost. Those seem to be the latest and greatest updates with Jane.

Daniel and I have really been enjoying our play time with her. We love when she is awake and sometimes try and wake her up when she is asleep. ( I know, I know…she needs her rest, but…. 🙂 I love when she sticks out her tongue and yawns!